Materials for Purchase

Gravel & Stone

A- Gravel:  $35/YD

Chips & Dust: $35/YD

1/8" Chip Stone: $100/YD

River Rock: $100/YD

Black Granite: $200/YD

Armour Stone: $0.15/POUND

Beach Sand- $38/YD


Black Mulch: $48/YD

Cedar Mulch(Double ground) : $50/YD

Wood Chips: $25/YD

Deliveries: Free in Parkhill with a minimum purchase of 3YDS or more. 

One 0r Two Yards: $10.00 Delivery

All deliveries outside of town flat rate of $65.00.

Top Soil

Screened Compost Top Soil: $45/YD

Screened Top Soil: $35/YD

Grass Seed: $1.25/BAG $3.00/SCOOP

Compost Yard

Top Soil Screener

Under Construction